I've known Suzanne for over 2 years now as a mentor, and valued teacher.  She has taught me how to overcome blocks, be fearless about being me and encouraged me to go for everything I wanted even if the world discouraged me.  Her read is are amazingly accurate.  I love her honesty and kindness.  Over these 2 years I have taken many courses, classes and sessions with her that have helped me connect with my inner self, my higher self, spirit, and the universe, so I can live my life to its fullest potential without fear.
She is such a gifted healer and such a wonderful teacher.  I don't have enough words to say how grateful I am to the Universe for the circumstances encouraged me to take charge of my life and brought me to her YouTube Channel.

Its like Suzanne knew me from the first word she spoke.  She psychic gift is wonderful and she really knows the tarot.  I see her on a regular basis for clarity in my life.  She is a source of compassion and kindness.  Thank you!!!
Victoria, BC

I was blown away by Suzanne's readings.  She did a remote session and was right on with all that she said.  I would recommend her to anyone who really wants to know about their future.
Toronto, On.

Suzanne has a gift.  Her readings told me when my wife was going to get pregnant and it happened when she said it would.  She has also helped with business insights that have helped me gain more confidence within myself.
New York City 

I've been seeing Suzanne for over 2 years.  Her predictions have all happened, while her connection with spirit has brought further insight for growth and change.  I recommend her readings for everyone who wants to change their life for the better.
New Mexico 

It's not very often you can have so much fun in your pjs with a deck of cards for 8 weeks!
I started following Suzanne on YouTube and was instantly hooked, so when I heard she was doing a course I HAD to sign up.
From the comfort of my own home I logged into Skype for eight weeks, with a small enough group to be able to share, expand knowledge and learn from the best!  This affordable and invaluable course is adjusted to your pace and your style of learning, all you need is your tarot deck, your creative mind and you're good to go.
It's been an incredible and worthy 8 weeks of spiritual guidance and learning to interpret the cards for yourself. Which is the easiest and most fun form of learning. No memorising or revision needed.
A wonderful, enlightening and eye opener course with a highly skilled and lovely teacher on hand at all times for advice!
I now wake up in the morning extra early so I can do an early morning spread for myself and friends. I'm so sad it's over, but will continue using my new learnt skill forever.
Thank you Suzanne for showing me how to look at the world and its blessings differently  xxx

Annie B

I've been following Suzanne for some time and I been so amazed by her accuracy, love, and good energy. Suzanne are amazing.  We had a private reading and you predicted that I was going to travel, relocate, and have a new beginning and it all happened.  
Suzanne, thank you for all the love you take to do all your videos and readings. 
Gina :)

I've know Suzanne for over 5 years.  Her readings always give me accurate results and allow me to reach further doing what I love to do.  I would recommend her if you want to create deep and transformation changes.
Thank you,
Victoria, BC

Each time I've had a reading with Suzanne, she has brought ideas that I wouldn't have thought of before.  She seems to pin point the issue and bring out a solution.  I've had a number of sessions with her and found that she brings clarity and accuracy with what I bring to the table.  She has also told me about business deals that would beyond my imagination.  Yes, it all came to me in the most interesting way.
Vancouver, BC

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