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Setting up an Appointment:
* Purchase a reading from the Paypal button further down the page.
* I will contact you with the email address provided on your Paypal receipt.
I will need the following information:
* Tell me where you live, so I know if there is a time zone difference.
* Send me your birth day and year, your city and country of birth and your time of birth if you have it.
* Let me know if you would like the session by phone or Skype or just a remote recorded reading.

There are 2 different readings to choose:
30 minute reading 
* 1 hour reading      

I use my Psychic abilities, Tarot cards, and astrological information for each reading, but each session is tailored to what you want.  I can do a session strictly with Astrology or with psychic information and Tarot.  All sessions are recorded as there is a lot of information in each reading.  I recommend that you listen a number of times to the audio.  I will only record the reading if you give your permission.
Please click on the arrow below and the drop down menu will appear.  You can choose the reading you wish to purchase.


Psychic Tarot Readings

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