Friday, February 13, 2015

Nap Time and the Four of Swords

I use to feel guilty about taking naps in the middle of the afternoon, but after becoming familiar with the 4 of Swords I decided to take a snooze whenever I felt inspired too.  This simple minor arcana card can have a huge impact on your creative life, but also on manifesting what you truly desire.  Let me explain.

Naps are a great way to rest,  but when you want your mind to let go a little nap can make all the difference.  The swords suit is all about the mind, so with the 4 it can bring great stability when we take time out.  So many of us try so hard to push our lives, but when we're tired and stressed out it can be difficult for the spirit of inspiration to enter our lives.  When you fall asleep your mind is at rest, but with the right intention right before you go to sleep the answer to your question can appear upon waking.

Yes, you can come up with a great idea when you nap, but I've also had money come to me soon after I've woken up.  We all know that when we're stressed about money it seems to push it away, so when we let go and rest it can only rejuvenate our spirit to being open for new energy to enter.  I also see the 4 of swords as a card of trust for when we allow our minds to rest new ideas, new energy, and new opportunities can knock on our doors.

When you have a look at the card you see someone resting peacefully, his hands are in a prayer position which shows me a level of trust.  All his thoughts (the swords) have been put away and 3 swords are hung on the wall with 1 just laying below him.  It is like you have just one idea that is ready to manifest.  The person is yellow which is the third chakra of power.  It takes just inner power to let go and just rest.

Afternoon naps are a great way to rest, but also a way to let go and allow new possibilities to enter your life.  Enjoy!!!


  1. Very informative, insightful and helpful, Suzanne. Definitive worth paying more closely attention to the body's needs with regard to the endless mental chatter haha. Thanks a bunch! :-)

    1. You're welcome Bernd!!! Yes, it does feel like endless mental chatter!! hee hee