Thursday, January 29, 2015

Enlightenment...... The Hanged Man

The word enlightenment is one of the most talked about words in my community or at least it feels like it.  I hear it a lot and in the grander scheme of life I suppose a few have reached enlightenment, but realistically most of us feel little bits of awareness where we feel enlightened.  This is when an old habit or pattern is released and we feel lighter and renewed, but it is never the final destination.

You know that old saying "Chop wood, carry water, enlightenment and then chop wood and carry water.  Even when we have been enlightened in some part of our life, we still need to live, you know chop wood and carry water.  Perhaps after this new awareness that chopping wood and carrying water is a lot easier and not such a struggle.  I've had this feeling with housecleaning.  :)

I bring in "The Hanged Man" tarot card or for a more gender neutral card "The Hanged Person", into this post as this person has to feel some level of enlightenment to hang upside   down for a long period of time.  This tarot card has a number of different ways of looking at it.  First, it has been said to be "the dark night of the soul" card for it can force us to look at parts of ourselves that have been holding us back.  What our ego wants and want our Soul wants can sometimes be in opposition, so for people who are unconscious of what they truly desire this can be a very painful card.  We can be very frightened when we have to let go of control and allow another energy to guide us.  If you look at this card more closely the person isn't tied or restrained, but for some we don't have the tools or awareness to untie ourselves, jump down, and walk forward.

The person also have a halo around their head showing a feeling of enlightenment and awareness that there is an ebb and flow to life and if they will surrender and let go then a new idea or path will open up when the time is right.  This card only becomes painful when we fight against what is happening in the moment.  The trick when this card appears is to go and do something completely different.  For example, if you've been struggling with finding work then perhaps take some extra time to do something fun.  This energy can shift the energy and allows for new ideas to surface.

I look back and laugh at myself for how I fought to push forward.  I used to dislike this card, but now I love how it shows me to become still, do something different, and allow the energy to show me my next step.  The Hanged Person can be a card pointing to new awareness if we are willing to untie ourselves from the past and make a decision that is based in the present moment.


  1. This article was very helpful...thank you. I like the way you write.

    1. Hi Maria, I'm glad you enjoyed this post. Thank you 😀