Thursday, January 22, 2015

Eight of Swords - A symbol pointing to Freedom

I noticed in my February 2015 monthly forecasts on Youtube, that I pulled the Eight of Swords for a number of different astrological signs.  I thought perhaps collectively we're seeing where we've trapped ourselves.  The Eight of Swords could be a symbol pointing to Freedom.  Are you ready to break free?

With Mercury in retrograde for most of February, it is a good time to turn inward to see where we've limited ourselves in some area of our lives.  Are your beliefs holding you back?  This could be a question to ask ourselves.  The Eight of Swords shows us that there are invisible restrictions trapping us.  This energy is most definitely our own doing.

When you look at Eight of Swords you can see a woman tired up, blind folded, and surrounded by swords.  She has the ability to untie herself, but she is choosing unconsciously to stay trapped.  I find it interesting that the person in the card is a woman.  The female image maybe used to over emphasize the oppression used over women, which is now an invisible belief that unconsciously controls our actions.  On a deeper level, the divine feminine has been tired up in both woman and men over the centuries.  Our intuition has been second guessed due to a belief that the logical rational part of ourselves was meant to rule.  In the old patriarchal world view, the dominating factor was to follow a single way of being, so anyone who decided to break free was judged and ever killed for their belief.  The Eight of Sword is a wonderful card to see in a reading because it shows us that perhaps we need to find our own voice and untie ourselves.  Once we break free our hands are unrestricted and so the blindfold is taken off.  We once again see clearly again.  Also, if you look in the background the castle is sitting very close to the edge of a cliff, thus, showing us how the old world view is very shaky and ready to fall.

As I write this post a much more deeper understanding penetrates my inner knowing.  I feel the presence of freedom to be who I am without the need to let the outer world dictate my life.  The Eight of Swords is about changing our inner perception of ourself, so that we can release the negative thoughts and perceptions of what we thought we were capable of.  The Eight of Swords is all about our mind, so when we change the way we think this transforms the world around us.  Let this card guide you into a new way of living.


  1. Spot on, Suzanne! Excellent little article that really packs quite the punch!
    That's what I personally love about the Mercury retrograde cycles: breaking out of linear, left-brain oriented thought patterns and restrictive (unconscious) belief systems and putting an emphasis on right-brain, creative, circular/holistic thinking/feeling/living. I really do feel softer and more free and feminine during these Mercury retrograde times.

    Haven't listened to the February forecasts yet, but I'm very eager to doing so shortly! Thanks for sharing your words, thoughts and feelings. I find them very uplifting! :-)


    1. Hi Bernd
      Thanks for your insightful response to my article. I love when inspiration expands from within and then takes my hand to write it into words. This card now has such a deeper and richer meaning for me. I'm starting to do this with many of the tarot, so I'm looking forward to sharing. Yes, I love Mercury regrade and going within to touch apon parts of ourselves that perhaps get pushed aside during busier times. It can be a very magical time.
      I hope you enjoy the February forecast.
      Blessings and love,